Scroll Machine

These are long stroke liner machines, steel frames, one inch coils and copper contact screws. This frame can also be made as a shader on request.

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Scorpion Liner

Nice long stroke liner, solid construction with a magic scorpion on the side.

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Nickel Plated Liner

These liners are all made with a long stroke unless otherwise requested. Nickel plating looks cool and I'm sure it runs better with it.

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Shader & Liner Combo

Buy two for a specail discounted price!

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The T. Adams Liner Tattoo Machine

This is a short glimpse into the process of building a liner tattoo machine. I left out some of the more tedious operations like the fabrication of binders and A-bars, final assembly and tuning. I designed this tattoo machine to run very fast with a long stroke. In you're interested in purchasing this liner, contact Tyler at the shop, 503-265-8146. 

A Bar Assembly

A short tutorial on how I build my own A-Bars. A helpful guide by Tyler Adams at Grizzly Tattoo in Portland Oregon (home of the T. Adams Liner Machine), to help you build your own armature bar for your tattoo machine.