Portland Tattoo Artists


Tyler Adams has been tattooing professionally since 1996 everywhere from San Diego and Portland to Paris. After moving to Portland in 2002, Adams first tattooed at the legendary Sea Tramp Tattoo with Don Deaton and next at Paul Zenk and Amanda Myer's Infinity Tattoo in North Portland.

Eric Quale [kwa-lee] grew up by a mountain in northern Utah and spent his teenage years in rural eastern Montana. In 2001, he escaped to Portland with his bandmates in tow. He started making tattoos in 2006 and enjoys portrait, black and grey, and American traditional tattoos. Portraits are defiantly his specialty. He's a husband and a father. His most favorite thing to do is hanging out with his little family.

Rich Cuellar has been tattooing for 12 years. A native Oregonian, Rich worked as a  bartender, graphic designer and screen-printer before finally doing what he always wanted to do, tattooing.  He says, "I'm not trying to change the world.  I just want to make good tattoos and be a nice guy."

Shauna S. has been tattooing since 2007. She moved to Portland in 2009 from Florence, Italy. She is a California native that finally made her way to Oregon. She enjoys doing custom tattoos along with creating artwork outside of tattooing.  Her favorite type of tattooing is anything with a sense of humor.   When she is not tattooing she adores hanging out with her family and their dog Roosevelt. Visit Shauna's personal website at www.shaunatattoo.com.

Jason Graham began tattooing at Sea Tramp Tattoo in Portland Oregon under the great Don Deaton. He's honed a very unique painting style, showing in galleries in Portland, LA, San Francisco, New York, Denmark, Germany, and Japan. He also has published works in Dark Horse, Thrasher, Juxtapoz, and Tall Trees of Portland. His painting and Illustration style has very much influenced and seeped into his tattoos. You can find his works here or here.    

Chris Valkov began tattooing in 2006 mostly teaching himself with some limited advice from a couple of tattooer friends.  Since the start he has approached his tattooing in a graphic and diagrammatic aesthetic direction.  Chris relays to his technical drafting background which remains highly influential in his work.  He continues to strive for interesting, unique, client specific compositions which make the tattoo experience rewarding for clients and himself.  You can find more info at: http://chrisvalkov.com


Laura Jean Graham grew up on the east coast and studied illustration and literature at the University of Connecticut. She moved to Portland in 2006, and got her degree from the Art Institute of Portland a few years later. When she's not tattooing or painting, she enjoys spending time making intricate paper cutouts which influence the bold, but feminine style of her tattoos. You can see more of her work at laurajeangraham.com